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This project is part for SwiftBeanCount, please check out the main documentation here.


This is a small library to convert downloaded data from Wealthsimple (via WealthsimpleDownloader) to the Beancount format (via SwiftBeanCountModel).

Beancount meta data

The library relies heavily on meta data in your Beancount file to find accounts and commodities. Please add these to your Beancount file:


If the commodity in your ledger differs from the symbol used by Wealthsimple, simply add wealthsimple-symbol as meta data:

2011-10-18 commodity ACWVETF
  wealthsimple-symbol: "ACWV"


For Wealthsimple accounts themselves, you need to add this metadata: importer-type: "wealthsimple" and number: "XXX". If the account can hold more than one commodity (all accounts except chequing and saving), it needs to follow this structure: Assets:X:Y:Z:CashAccountName, Assets:X:Y:Z:CommodityName, Assets:X:Y:Z:OtherCommodityName. The name of the cash account does not matter, but all other account must end with the commodity symbol (see above). Add the importer-type and number only to the cash account.

For accounts used in transactions to and from your Wealthsimple accounts you need to provide meta data as well. These is in the form of wealthsimple-key: "accountNumber1 accountNumber2". The account number is the same as above, and you can specify one or multiple per key. As keys use these values:

  • For dividend income accounts wealthsimple-dividend-COMMODITYSYMBOL, e.g. wealthsimple-dividend-XGRO
  • For the assset account you are using to contribute to registered accounts from, use wealthsimple-contribution
  • For the assset account you are using to deposit to non-registered accounts from, use wealthsimple-deposit
  • Use wealthsimple-fee on an expense account to track the wealthsimple fees
  • Use wealthsimple-non-resident-withholding-tax on an expense account for non resident withholding tax
  • In case some transaction does not balance within your ledger, an expense account with wealthsimple-rounding will get the difference
  • If you want to track contribution room, use wealthsimple-contribution-room on an asset and expense account (optional, if not set it will not create postings for the contribution room)
  • Other values for transaction types you might incur are:
    • wealthsimple-reimbursement
    • wealthsimple-interest
    • wealthsimple-withdrawal
    • wealthsimple-payment-transfer-in
    • wealthsimple-payment-transfer-out
    • wealthsimple-transfer-in
    • wealthsimple-transfer-out
    • wealthsimple-referral-bonus
    • wealthsimple-giveaway-bonus
    • wealthsimple-refund
    • wealthsimple-payment-spend (optional, will use fallback account if not provided)
Full Example “` 2020-07-31 open Assets:Checking:Wealthsimple CAD importer-type: "wealthsimple” number: “A001” 2020-07-31 open Assets:Investment:Wealthsimple:TFSA:Parking CAD importer-type: “wealthsimple” number: “B002” 2020-07-31 open Assets:Investment:Wealthsimple:TFSA:ACWV ACWV 2020-07-31 open Assets:Investment:Wealthsimple:TFSA:XGRO XGRO 2020-07-31 open Income:Capital:Dividend:ACWV USD wealthsimple-dividend-ACWV: “A001 B002” 2020-07-31 open Assets:Checking:Bank CAD wealthsimple-contribution: “A001 B002” 2020-07-31 open Expenses:FinancialInstitutions:Investment:NonRegistered:Fees wealthsimple-fee: “A001” 2020-07-31 open Expenses:FinancialInstitutions:Investment:Registered:Fees wealthsimple-fee: “B002” 2020-07-31 open Expenses:Tax:NRWT wealthsimple-non-resident-withholding-tax: “A001 B002” 2020-07-31 open Assets:TFSAContributionRoom TFSA.ROOM wealthsimple-contribution-room: “B002” 2020-07-31 open Expenses:TFSAContributionRoom TFSA.ROOM wealthsimple-contribution-room: “B002” “”


1) First create an instance of the mapper via WealthsimpleLedgerMapper(ledger:), passing the ledger which contains the meta data discussed above. 2) Assign the downloaded wealthsimple accounts to the accounts property on the mapper. 3) Call mapPositionsToPriceAndBalance or mapTransactionsToPriceAndTransactions to map your downloaded positions / transactions to SwiftBeanCountModel Prices and Balances / Prices and Transactions.

Please also check out the complete documentation here. Additionally, you can have a look at the SwiftBeanCountImporter which uses this library.


The library supports the Swift Package Manger, so simply add a dependency in your Package.swift:

.package(url: "https://github.com/Nef10/SwiftBeanCountWealthsimpleMapper.git", .upToNextMajor(from: "X.Y.Z")),


Please note that I developed this library for my own needs and there may be bugs. It currently has some limitations:

  • Sell Gains are not calculated
  • In case a transactions does not balance it will not add a rounding posting because SwiftBeanCountModel does not yet fully supporting Beancount rounding

Pull requests to extend the scope or remove limitations are very welcome.