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This project is part for SwiftBeanCount, please check out the main documentation here.


This is a small library to convert downloaded data from a Rogers Bank Credit Card (via RogersBankDownloader) to the Beancount format (via SwiftBeanCountModel).

Beancount meta data

The library relies on meta data in your Beancount file to find your accounts. Please add importer-type: "rogers" and last-four: "XXXX" with the last four digits of your number to your Credit Card Liability account.


1) Load your ledger, e.g. via SwiftBeanCountParser 2) Create an instance of SwiftBeanCountRogersBankMapper using the ledger 3) Dowload the accounts and activities you want to convert via the RogersBankDownloader 4) Use mapAccountToBalance and mapActivitiesToTransactions on the mapper to convert the downloaded data

Please also check out the complete documentation here.


The library supports the Swift Package Manger, so simply add a dependency in your Package.swift:

.package(url: "https://github.com/Nef10/SwiftBeanCountRogersBankMapper.git", .exact(from: "X.Y.Z")),

Note: as per semantic versioning all versions changes < 1.0.0 can be breaking, so please use .exact for now